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Product Overview

Most products consist of the "do it yourself" solutions, through individual boards that you can put together to form an entire kit, or the fully assembled and ready to plug into your pinball machine variety.


Starter Kits

The Starter Kits are the simple control board with solenoid setup. They are the most flexible as you can specify the number of solenoids and even an assemble yourself option. While flexible, they don't come with much, but are a good way to go if you just want to get going with some solenoids and a control board that you can add toys to later.

SSF Kits

The SSF Kits are the option that use exciter speakers mounted inside your cabinet to add table event feedback. This is actually a great solution if you want to get started with a low cost and simple to install alternative to having a control board with DOF to configure, but in order to use in FX, you do still need to have popper installed, which means a bit of software configuration. It also only provides feedback to major table events in FX, so that means things link the ball rolling effect and most of the "little" effects that are really great in VPX do not exist for most FX tables. It is very easy to get working with VPX, and the experience in VPX is simply amazing, so it's an extremely popular choice if you are already enjoying VPX and want to add some more realism to it. Some will say it's a better investment than solenoids for VPX and I agree so as long as you get the higher quality speakers (which are included in all my kits).

Builders Kits

The Builders Kits are the (almost) all inclusive kits that give you the ability to get a fairly comprehensive pinball machine in one simple to install package. There are still a lot of parts to go through, mount and install, but the end result is a pinball machine with all the best toys and lights. If you want something that is even better than most pre-built machines come with at a fraction of the cost without the time investment of doing it all yourself, then these are the way to go.

Piecing it together (DIY Option)

If none of those options look good for you, you can also get all the items individually. I have a fairly good guide for all the stuff I offer in the what to buy guide


PinOne Boards

These are the latest offering of the boards that connect your PC to your toys, and are designed to replace the Pinscape boards. They translate table events emitted from DOF and DOFLinx into outputs that allow your lights, solenoids, shakers, and other toys to respond properly in your cabinet. The boards also allow for the addition of a plunger, adding nudge to your cabinet and adding button inputs to your cabinet. They are nearly as configurable as the legacy Pinscape boards, but also offer a lot of nice features that the Pinscape boards are not able to offer. They have more onboard outputs, a much easier pinout configuration, better accelerometer calibartion and much better lighted button output features, as well as more configuration for the outputs without having to use DOF.

KL25Z Pinscape Boards

These boards are the legacy virtual pinball boards that have been around for many years, and offer a lot of configuration options for running your virtual pinball machine. I have been supplying solutions using these boards for many years, but due to supply issues have started to switch over to the PinOne boards.